PES 2017 AutoSwitch Badge v0.21 (Like FIFA)

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  • Autoswitch club's badge when the club was promoted and relegated
  • Autoswitch club's badge to CUP or SUPER CUP
  • Can add badge by yourself

How To Add Badge By Yourself:
  1. Copy badge dds file to '\content\badge\'
  2. Rename the badge to 'switch_badge_id tournament', for example 'switch_badge_101'

Badge List:
  • Leagues: England, Germany, Italy, Spain
  • Cup: England, Germany, Italy, Spain, Indonesia
  • Super Cup: England, Germany, Italy, Spain
  • Other: FIFA Club World Cup

  • Badge ID base on 17Patch regular mode, if badge not work properly rename badge dds file in '\content\badge', example: 'switch_badge_correct tournament id
  • Make sure your patch has a built-in badge

  • Module: StpN_17
  • Badge: rpeditor, sayur terong, StpN_17

by downloading, you agree not to re-upload this mod


Enable Badge for ALL PATCHES


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